About Me

I'm Tatiana Shutova,
professional Russian teacher.

I have been teaching Russian as a second language at the University of Saint-Petersburg (Russia) at about 25 years. I’m working on problems of testing as well. The most part of my life is closely connected with helping people to study Russian. I have Doctor’s degree in Linguistics.

I worked in many countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan. In Taiwan I worked at National Chengchi University for 7 years.

I help everybody who wants to know how to speak perfect Russian. There is a lot of businessmen, different companies representatives, diplomats, students and even children among my pupils. I try to support them and very proud of their achievements and success. We get on very well with my students. They do not only studying during our lessons but teach me as well, give me positive emotions.

It is so pleasant to hear the words “I’ve got it! I can speak Russian! It’s so cool!” Learning Russian is interesting, fascinating and believe me not so difficult and boring as you imagine. Let’s try together.