Reading. Part 1

  • Posted on: 23 February 2015
  • By: Tatiana Shutova

The first step to learning Russian is to learn how to read. Russian letters are known as the Cyrillic letters. There are 33 letters in the Russian alphabet: 11 vowels, 20 consonants, and 2 signs which are not pronounced. Here is what the Russian alphabet looks like:


I recommend you to copy and print the alphabet table and have it somewhere next to your computer. It'll help you during the following lessons. There are some letters which sound almost the same like English ones. It’s important you learn the language by listening. If you learn by listening and repeating your speech will be much clearer :) I’ll repeat twice.

а (like in “bar”)

у (like in “book”)

и (like in “taxi”)

э (like in “man”)

м (like in “meat”)

н (like in “no”)

л (like in “love”)

в (like in “voice”)

ф (like in “flat”)

б (like in “baby”)

п (like in “puppy”)

д (like in “day”)

т (like in “time”)

з (like in “zoo”)

с (like in “son”)

г (like in “gift”)

к (like in “kitchen”)

х (like in “hello”)

Now let’s practice reading. But before we start let me remind you that in Russian like in most languages some syllables are emphasized more than others. It’s very important to know which syllable is stressed. So I’ll indicate the stressed vowel with an accent. I’ll only do this to the first occurrence of the word :)

ма́ма (mummy)

па́па (daddy)

бана́н (banana)

Ива́н (It’s man’s name. Do you remember  Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible?)

А́нна (girl’s name)

да́ (yes)

до́м (house)

ко́т (cat)

ко́мната (room)

су́п (soup)

мо́ст (bridge)

со́к (juice)

зо́нт (umbrella)

ла́мпа (lamp)

сто́л (table)

сту́л (chair)

ту́т (here)

та́м (there)

о́фис (office)

анана́с (pineapple)

вино́ (wine)


Now try to read by yourself. If you meet any difficulty, refer to the previous section, please.

стол, мост, лампа, тут, комната, дом, банан, зонт, офис, Иван, стул, сок, мама, там, ананас, папа, вино, кот, Анна, да, суп


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