Reading. Part 2

  • Posted on: 25 March 2015
  • By: Tatiana Shutova

We know already how to read words with sounds almost similar to English ones.

During this lesson I’ll teach you how to read and pronounce some new Russian letters and sounds:

ю (like in "universe" or "you")

я (like in “yard”)

ё (like in “yogurt”)

ы   Very special one. Try to move your tongue back in the mouth. If you put your hand over the throat you must feel the effort while producing this sound. And remember - your lips must stay without any movement!

р (like in “guitarra” in Spanish but not so long)

ж (like in “genre” or “pleasure”)

ш (like in “she” or “shelf”)

щ   Pronounce Ш at first, then smile and pronounce it again. Can you feel the difference?

ч (like in “cheek”)

ц (like in “tsunami”)

й (like in “young”)


There are 2 signs that have no sound of their own:

ь   “Soft sign”. It makes the previous consonant soft.

ъ   “Hard sign”. It indicates a slight pause between 2 syllables


Now let’s practice reading and learn some new Russian words :)

я (I, me)

машѝна (car) И must be pronounced here as Ы

журна́л (magazine)

ша́пка (hat)

каранда́ш (pencil)

шарф (scarf)

ча́шка (cup)

чай (tea)

ру́чка (pen)

рыба (fish)

сыр (cheese)

сын (son)

цирк (circus)

борщ (borsch) Russian soup made of beet

торт (cake)

са́хар (sugar)

бар (bar)


Are you ready for practice by yourself? Let’s go!

шарф, чашка, машина, сын, сахар, карандаш, борщ, чай, торт, ручка, журнал, рыба, я, цирк, сыр, шапка, бар


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